About Organization

WHO WE ARE: We are an organization for young people with an active civic position who are ready not to whine, but to act in order to change their environment and community for the better. 


We seek diligent workers who have an active civic position, who are not afraid of the difficulties of life and trials, who are ready to fight to the end for truth and justice, and who are ready to learn, develop, act and change their lives and the lives of people around them. We seek people who are brave, committed, and not scared to take risks.


“Strengthening human rights and the community of  human rights defenders in the Republic of Tajikistan”.

We are for those who want to create, establish, develop, invest, invent, implement and live in a fair, democratic, legal, innovative, progressive and financially stable society.

Corruption, torture, educational degradation, injustice, violence, hazing … Tired? Let’s join us.


We are a team of human rights defenders, who believe that human rights are not empty words. We are a professional team of experts who grow leaders. We will help give you wings so that you can take off on your own!

We are the defenders of the defenders!


We promise that you will not be left alone in the fight for human rights.

We will expand the boundaries of your freedom!

We believe in you, and we want you to believe it too. We value YOU, your rights, freedoms, and dignity.

We will do everything possible to ensure that you have all the tools necessary to succeed. We will be a reliable partner for you and provide you with help and guidance from experts in the field.


We are here to make your ideas a reality.

We are here to protect you, so you can protect others.


We don’t want to put off the development of youth until tomorrow because the youth is necessary today!

We don’t want conscripts to be treated as criminals and we don’t want soldiers to die in times of peace.

We want you to understand that human rights defenders are your support and reliance.


 Information about organization

Republican public organization “Office of Civil Freedoms” was registered in October 2013 in Department of Justice of the Republic of Tajikistan. And its branch office was opened in Khujand city, Sogd region on 16th of June 2016.

Mission of the organization:  Strengthening of Human Rights and community of human rights defenders in the Republic of Tajikistan.

      Aim of the organization:

  • Protecting and promoting Human Rights;
  • Implementation and use of international mechanisms for protecting Human Rights;
  • Strengthening education in the sphere of human rights among activists, journalists, community of human rights defenders; 
  • Raising the legal awareness of citizens;
  • Supporting and promoting the building of civil society, promoting the right to Association;
  • Assisting in access to legal assistance of public organizations, increasing the capacity of public organizations and initiative groups;
  • Strengthening the human rights community in RT;

In its activities, the Office of Civil Freedoms is guided by principles such as: the rule of law, respect for human rights and freedoms, equality and non-discrimination, efficiency, and professionalism.

There are Public spaces under Office of Civil Freedoms, where young people, volunteers, and people who are not indifferent to civil society can make their dreams come true.

  1. Activities of the organization:
  1. Strengthening human rights in Tajikistan.
  • Strengthening the human rights community in Tajikistan