This is the motto of the public Organization “Bonuvoni fardo”, which has been working in Shahrituz district of Khatlon region for 21 years.

The Public Organization «Bonuvoni fardo» –  is a human rights organization whose activities are aimed at protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens. It provides educational activities, legal, social and psychological support for citizens. The organization operates in 25 districts of the Khatlon region.

The “Bonuvoni fardo” public organization was created in the post-war years, on the echoes of the civil war, when the country had many problems and difficulties, when there was a lot of destruction after the war, and when our citizens began to return from neighboring Afghanistan. Back in October 1999, a group of initiative women of Shahrituz district led by Jabborova Venera Anatolievna created a public organization “Bonuvoni fardo” which translates as “women of the future”. Telling about the history, mottos and mission of the organization, Venera focuses her attention on the significance of the organization’s logo.

“Our logo shows a woman with a star on her outstretched hand. This star is alpha Centauri, that is, the star of the future”

According to Venera Anatolyevna initially the organization was created to support women but it started working for the sake of prosperity and a good future for the entire population of Tajikistan.

“When we opened the organization we did not have an office nor sufficient knowledge of how to work and what to do»

“Bonuvoni fardo” soon began actively searching for international and public organizations that could support their human rights projects and ideas. Currently the organization is a member of the “network of human rights organizations of Tajikistan”, the coalition of public organizations of the southern region of Khatlon region “South Khatlon”, the coalition” from equality of fact to equality of law”, in which the organization lobbied for the adoption of the law on domestic violence which was soon adopted.

The organization works closely with many public and international organizations and constantly searching for partners and participates in project competitions. For 10 years “Bonuvoni fardo” has been carrying out a mutually beneficial partnership with USAID in the framework of the land reform project, 7 projects have been successfully implemented with The Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation – Tajikistan and the organization also cooperates with the UNDP in the framework of the project to provide economic opportunities and support for women entrepreneurs in Shahrituz district. During the history of its activity, the organization has successfully implemented more than 70 projects of civil initiatives for a total of 632 thousand dollars.

The mission of the NGO “Bonuvoni fardo” is to protect the rights and interests of citizens and in accordance with this mission the organization actively provides legal, social and psychological assistance to citizens who have applied.

According to Venera Anatolyevna, the organization is often contacted by farmers and rural residents on land use issues. The organization in turn defends their rights and interests in various bodies. In addition “Bonuvoni fardo” works closely with the poor, children and women including victims of domestic violence.

“We had a case when a breast-feeding mother of 7-month-old child was kicked out of the house, saying that they no longer need such a kelinka (daughter-in-law) and she spent the night at the cotton ditches for several days.”

This is one of the cases of domestic violence the victim of which turned to the public Organization “Bonuvoni fardo” for help.

Speaking about the problem of domestic violence, gender equality, women’s rights and their lobbying especially in rural areas and regions of the country Venera emphasizes their unresolved and actual violation.

“I love my job very much and consider myself a happy woman because I do work that I like.”

Seeing the results of the work and the happy eyes of citizens and hearing their gratitude the team of the public organization “Bonuvoni fardo” is encouraged to continue working for the benefit of their homeland and their people.

Address of the organization and phone numbers of the responsible person:

Shahrituz district, Shahrituz town, I. Somoni street, 28 B

Jabborova Venera

(83240)2-28-88, (93)5554622


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