The Public organization “Alternativa” is a youth organization that started its activity in the early 2000s and works in many districts of the Khatlon region.

The reason for the creation of the organization was the problems that arose at that time with farms. Many people had big legal problems with the received farm lands which was distributed to everyone in 2000. The public organization “Alternativa” helped those farmers with document management, office management and other issues and also on the basis of the organization, there was an Advisory center for farms.

The organization works with the rights of vulnerable segments of the population that is women, farmers. Organization also promote business and create jobs, develop entrepreneurship among returned migrants and youth as well as on health and development of the mahalla (community).

“Go forward, help people, contribute to the development of society.”

This is the motto of Aziza Shomansurova who has been the head of the public organization “Alternativa” for nine years. For thirteen years Aziza has worked in many international and public organizations as well as participated in international programs. After receiving a lot of knowledge in October 2011 Aziza joined this organization and to this day more than 26 projects have been implemented under her careful guidance. Despite her extensive experience and knowledge Aziza had difficulties in writing projects and she admits that she spent a lot of time and effort to implement only one of them.

Aziza tells how she spent a week sitting and working in the Firdavsi library to study the flora and fauna of the Shaartuz and Kabadian districts for the implementation of one of the organization’s important project.

“It is very difficult to start with something. Despite my knowledge this area was like a dark forest for me but I was helped by many organizations and colleagues including my sister”.

It should be noted that the organization’s strategy at the moment is to create jobs for young people by training and involving them in entrepreneurial activities, startups and agribusiness as well as writing business plans.

According to Aziza Shomansurova NGO “Alternativa” cooperates with many international and public organizations including the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation – Tajikistan, the US Embassy in Tajikistan, UNDP-Bokhtar, NGO “Shifo”, “Bokhtar”, “Bonuvoni fardo”, “school of volunteers”, “Fidokor”, “Rushdi Dier”, “Rohnamo”, “Bonuvoni Khatlon” and so on.

The organization has been a business consultant for the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation – Tajikistan for three years and has successfully implemented 6 projects with the Embassy of USA in Tajikistan including the creation of a crisis center for women, the prevention of terrorism and other areas. The organization has good cooperation with UNDP – Bokhtar and they implemented a project to prevent terrorism among young people.

The NGO “Alternativa” works closely with the local population and citizens often address with their problems to organization. According to Aziza Shomansurova appeals are of various types starting from job search, problems of domestic violence, to writing conceptual notes and business plans. The organization also worked with the UNHCR and the NGO “Chashma” on the elimination of statelessness in the Khatlon region which received many requests from the local population.

“The result of our organization’s work is the people we helped”.

“Over the years the organization has gained confidence and respect of the local population”-  says Aziza Shomansurova.

Address of the organization and phone numbers of the responsible person:

Shahritus district, Shahritus village, N. Khusrav street №33

Aziza Shomansurova

(93) 8002256


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