Our trainees successfully completed their monitoring. They went through many difficulties, and experienced theory and practice during this time but the most important they contributed greatly to our scociety ✔️.
Six serious and specific issues were studied and revealed by our trainees, yet not only that, also the best recommendations and suggestions were given for eliminating those issues. Fortunately, today was the very day which they could proudly present their achievement and share their work which gained during six months. They
received good feedbacks from experts and human rights activists .

Soon you will receive the full reports of 6 monitoring commands: “Gender sensitivity in school textbooks”, “Access to information in the National library of Republik of Tajikistan” , “The Right to personal integrity of students and issues of mobile phones in schools of Tajikistan” , “the Rights of patients to receive emergency medical assistance in mountainous and rural areas “, “Compliance with access to education and mandatory school uniforms”, “The rights of students vs marching”.
Yesss you’ve heard the right information, the young generation of human rights defenders, worked over these issues. We are sooooo proud of them and sincerely celebrate this success👏😉.

This project is funded by Human rights matter and NED


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