This is a rhetorical question that needs no answer. In today’s world, where public organizations and other civil society institutions play an important role in solving socio-economic problems, forming public opinion and other aspects of society, PR tools are necessary. Today, not only the development, but also the very existence of public organizations directly depends on their ability to achieve broad public support, establish effective ties with all partners, competently inform about their activities.

Public organization “Office of civil freedoms” with the financial support Of the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation – Tajikistan, held a two-day training on PR for public organizations of Khatlon region. During the two days, the participants of the training passed such topics as: Functions and types of PR, how PR in the non-commercial sphere differs from PR in the state and commercial spheres; preparation and holding of events for the media, preparation of information and advertising texts and other important topics. The training was held in an interactive format with group works, where each team presented its vision on the above topics. The training was attended by more than 20 public organizations that work with the local population on various issues.

PR and in General, external communication gives public organizations the ability to build constructive relationships with other organizations, institutions, groups of people and individuals both within the organization and outside it. From these relations depends and attitude to the most public organizations, its reputation, the availability of resources and sustainability existence. Public organizations, which competently use PR-activity, receive – increase of the status among persons and organizations, on which their activity directly depends; attracting supporters, both to carry out their activities and to promote ideas; successful fundraising; increasing the effectiveness of interaction with the media and so on.

According to the registry of the Department of the Ministry of justice of Khatlon region, from 2007 to April of 2019, 525 public organizations were registered in Khatlon, but not all of them are still active.  These figures tell us that at the local level, public organizations work closely with the population, but due to certain reasons, one of which is the lack of grants and projects, many of them stopped their activities.  At the present level of development of public relations and communication technologies, public organizations need to use methods of external communication, including PR tools. We remind you that this event was held in the framework of the project: «Creating a positive image of human rights defenders». The project is implemented by the public organization “Office of civil freedoms”, with the financial support Of the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation – Tajikistan.


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