Today, 20 lawyers and trainees from the Sughd region underwent training and organized a training on the topic “An Important Feature of the Protection of Lawyers of advocates, Journalists, and Civil Society Representatives”. The purpose of this training is, first of all, to increase the level of professional and legal knowledge of lawyers and students.

At this training, three experienced human rights trainers, Saidov Sadriddin – chairman of the Sughd regional branch of the Union of Lawyers, Dilafruz Samadova – a lawyer and Sukhrob Sobirov – employee of the branch of the civil organization “Office of сivil аreedoms” in Sughd: “Important characteristics of representatives of civil society, lawyers , journalists, lawyers and activists”, “Protection of Ethics”, “Strengthening the Unified Strategy of the National Guard” and “Features and Explained the Importance of the National Defense Mechanism ”.

One of our participants, Khusrav Zikrulloev, a lawyer, said in an interview with us: We learned a lot of useful things that we can do in the future to put them into practice. ”
The training is organized and supported by the Office of civil freedoms, Open Society Institute – Assistance Fund in Tajikistan in partnership with the Union of Lawyers of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Tomorrow, at 09:00, the second day of training will take place. Stay tuned for other news.


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