Within the project “Strengthening the potential of young lawyers and human rights defenders with the purpose to engage them to human rights activity”, participants studied the basic human rights and freedoms, international and national mechanisms, stages of monitoring, ways of acquiring information from personal sources, and acquired important skills. Participating in the Summer School on Human Rights and in the Summer Course on Monitoring, enriched their knowledge and gained the necessary experience. We remind you that the first Summer School on Human Rights within this project was held from July 29 to August 1 in the city of Gulistan, in the recreation area of ​​the National Bank. The summer monitoring course was held from August 26 to 31 in Yavroz, in the Romit gorge. The program of the Summer Course also included debate, our winners Nazifa Boymuhamedova and Makhinbonu Rakhimova were able to win the tournament with compelling and interesting arguments and get the OCF Cup.

40 young motivated lawyers successfully completed the training phase of the project with the best human rights trainers in the country like Nigina Bahrieva, Dilafruz Samadova, Dilrabo Samadova, Umed Niyazov, Uguloy Boboeva and Sukhrob Sobirov. Now the guys, uniting in six teams, independently work on their projects. Despite the fact that finding an idea on which they were supposed to work was a rather difficult moment for the participants, and took almost two days, still the participants managed to successfully complete this stage and win grants. Selected topics are unique, affect public interests and can eliminate social problems. The teams have received their grants, and are currently developing monitoring tools and will soon begin monitoring.

We wish them good luck in their endeavors and we will keep you up to date with interesting news. Follow our news.

… unforgettable memories from #human_rights_school, #human_rights_monitoring and #debate…

Опубліковано Office of civil freedoms/Офис гражданских свобод Неділя, 1 вересня 2019 р.


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