The public organization Office of Civil Freedoms, with financial support of the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation – Tajikistan and the International Bar Association held the Third Regional Summer School on Human Rights and the Prohibition of Discrimination from August 20 to 26, 2019 in Romit, Yavroz.

This school was held at the regional level and it was attended by more than 35 young lawyers from all regions of the Republic of Tajikistan, as well as from the Republic of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Topics such as: What are human rights and freedoms?, The right to equality and the prohibition of discrimination, National mechanisms for protection against discrimination and other topics were covered during the school.

The trainers were Dilafruz Samadova Practicing Advocate, Deputy Chairman of the Bar Association of Sogd region, human rights activist Nigina Bakhrieva from the Public Foundation “Nota Bene”, Sukhrob Sobirov coordinator of the Initiative Youth Resource Center under the CSO OCF and Umed Niyazov Practicing Advocate. They were assisted by their assistants Zilola Imomova, Shokhsanam Shodieva, Fakhriddin Fuzaylov, Anushervon Shoimardonov and Muhammadjon Sharipov, who held sessions with the trainers.       

            After the opening of the Regional Summer School, the executive director of the CSO Office of Civil Freedoms, Dilrabo Samadova, began a series of sessions by Nigina Bahrieva, starting with the theme “What are human rights and freedom?” and ending with the session “International and national mechanisms for protecting human rights”. She was directly assisted by Anushervon Shoimardonov and Shohsanam Shodieva, who conducted training on the topic “International and national mechanisms for protecting human rights. The role of international documents in the national legal system” and “The right to equality and the prohibition of discrimination: concepts, foundations, signs: lectures and practical exercises ” and conducted practical group tasks.

             Dilafruz Samadova continued the session on the topic “The right to a fair trial: general standards of fair trial, additional standards for certain groups”. In these sessions, she was assisted by Zilola Imomova, Anushervon Shoimardonov and Fuzaylov Fakhriddin, who conducted trainings and practical exercises on the topics “Examples of several strategic litigations. Using the results of strategic litigation ”, “ Pro – Bono Cases ” and “ National Mechanisms for Protection against Discrimination: Civil and Criminal Law ”.

The lecture and practical lesson on “The right to liberty and security of person” was held by Umed Niyazov and Sukhrob Sobirov.

 For five days, participants attended lectures and strengthened their knowledge through practical exercises. In one of the practical classes that Shohsanam conducted, the participants in the game understood the moral and mental state of those people whom society discriminate against. Each practical part was based on the fact that participants learned to work in a team and listen to each other. These skills were useful to them in the trial and trial process, which was conducted by Sukhrob Sobirov and it was in international level. In moot court, the participants united into 5 teams, and every day worked on the plot and cases with their mentors. The mentors were Zilola Imomova, Shokhsanam Shodieva, Fakhriddin Fuzaylov, Anushervon Shoimardonov and Muhammadjon Sharipov. The judges in the moot court were Dilafruz Samadova and practicing lawyer Abdurahmon. Dilrabo Samadova and Jurate Guzeviciut of the International Bar Association (IBAHRI) were representatives of the fictitious state of Emil, who tried to defend the law of the state. Moot court was very intense, the guys did a great job and showed in the game, caring evidence to win the case. Moot court was won by the team of Zilola Imomova, they performed very well and according to all the evaluation criteria they got more points than the rest of the teams.

 Muhammadjon Sharipov also held a session “The Art of Speech at the Court” together with Dilafruz Samadova, which helped the young lawyers to speak at the trial, express their thoughts and arguments beautifully and clearly and prove them.

 Conclusion: Each participant received a lot of experience in practical exercises and a lot of knowledge from professionals in their field. We are proud that we chose these guys, in their eyes we see fire, they want to reach the heights in the field of human rights. They are eager to gain knowledge and quickly use them in practice. Lectures and practical classes were interesting, they were never repeated and each trainer had his own approach and his own methodology. Participants never complained and were not bored, there were cases when the coaches were not allowed to take a break and asked questions on which the coaches answered with pleasure when they saw the participants desire to gain knowledge. Both the trainers and participants were delighted with this school, especially our guests from neighboring countries, whose interviews you can see at the link:

Интервью от участника региональной летней школы "Права человека и запрет дискриминации" из Узбекистана, Ёрматова Аброржона. #human_rights_school#no_discrimination#Ibahri #ociaf #ocf

Опубліковано Office of civil freedoms/Офис гражданских свобод Четвер, 29 серпня 2019 р.

Интервью участницы из Кыргызстана региональной летней школы "Права человека и запрет дискриминации". #human_rights_school#no_discrimination#Ibahri #ociaf #ocf

Опубліковано Office of civil freedoms/Офис гражданских свобод Вівторок, 27 серпня 2019 р.

Третья региональная Летняя школа "Права человека и запрет дискриминации". Интервью от Юрате Гузевичуте, Международная Ассоциация Адвокатов(IBAHRI) #human_rights_school#no_discrimination#Ibahri #ociaf #ocf

Опубліковано Office of civil freedoms/Офис гражданских свобод Неділя, 1 вересня 2019 р.


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